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What can Statisticat do for you?

Statisticat can provide assistance at any stage of the research process from design to finalising reports.  We can do what you need or offer support and instruction to help you develop the skills to conduct each step yourself. Its up to you.  How can we best help you? Below is an outline of the different services we provide.  Head on over to the Contact Us page and get in touch if you think we can help. 
Research Design
Formulating the most appropriate research design and making sure you have considered the range of factors that could impact on your outcomes of interest as well as the methodological soundness of your research project is really important.  Statisticat can provide feedback on a planned research design or participate in a brain-storming session to help make sure that the research project that you run is as sound and valid as it can be given time constraints and budgets. 
Survey Design
There are a large number of factors to consider when designing a survey. Not only do you need to make sure that you have covered all of the important issues you want to address but you also have to consider the ordering of questions, the format of questions and the form that the data derived from the survey will take and whether it will be in a form that allows you to run the statistical analysis you need to answer your questions.  Statisticat can help at any stage of the survey design process from helping to construct the survey to reviewing a survey to ensure it meets the client's needs.  
Data Preparation
Perhaps you have conducted your study and have collected the data but need help in getting it into a format that will allow you to conduct the analyses you need.  Statisticat has experience in dealing with data in a range of spread-sheeting formats, such as Excel and SPSS, and can advise on the best way to set up your data file to ensure the analysis process is as smooth and simple as it can be.
Data Analysis Planning
Figuring out the most appropriate statistical analyses to answer your research questions can be complicated at times.  Statisticat can meet with you and discuss the questions you have of your data and advise on the appropriate statistical analyses to conduct.  We can guide you through the process of running the analysis and explain how to interpret the output you get.
Data Analysis
If you'd rather have someone run the data analysis for you then Statisticat can certainly help there.  After discussing your needs with you Statisticat can run your required statistical analyses and produce a readily-understood report of the meaning of these findings. You can get a summary to help you write a report of your own or ask us to write up a more formal report. The choice is yours.
We offer flexibility in our reporting options.  You can request from options such as an unformatted summary of key findings that you can use as a base to write or add to your own report all the way to an end product fully formatted report.  We recognise that clients have different needs when in comes to reporting and we are happy to do whatever works best for you.
Workshops and Training
If you are looking to up-skill yourself and/or your staff on any stage of the research process or specific classes of statistical analysis, our principal consultant Dr Janine Lurie can come to your workplace and run an in-house workshop or seminar tailored to suit your needs. Having taught research methods and statistics to a multi-variate level within the university sector since 1998, Dr Lurie has a wealth of teaching experience she can bring to these sessions.  Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs in this area. Training sessions can be one-on-one or group-based.
Support for  Research Students
Are you conducting research as part of an honours year or postgraduate degree at University?  Statisticat can help you as well.  Consultations to provide guidance with research design, statistical analysis, and results interpretation are available at a student discount rate.  It is important to note that at Statisticat we believe firmly that work submitted for the conferral of a research degree at a University must be the student's own work.  Support available to research students is therefore provided in the spirit of this overarching ethical principle.  Prior to seeking assistance from Statisticat we recommend you investigate the extent of research and statistical advice services available to you at your university. These may be based at School, Faculty or University level.  These support services will be provided free to you as an enrolled student and so are obviously the first option you should explore before contacting us at Statisticat.
Statistics Tutoring
Are you an undergraduate university student doing statistics coursework units within your degree?  Even just one one-on-one study session with someone who has tutored and lectured in statistics across a number of disciplines (psychology, education, social work, environmental studies) could make the world of difference if you are struggling to grasp some concepts. Tutoring sessions to undergraduate student are available at a student discount rate.  Group study sessions can also be arranged and can make the cost per individual very affordable.