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Our principal consultant, Dr Janine Lurie, has received high praise for her statistical guidance in many domains, be it for her lecturing to large student groups, or one on one consultation sessions.  Here are some of the things that people have said about Janine over the years.
"Dr Lurie combines a sophisticated knowledge of statistical concepts and methods with a joyous enthusiasm for the content.  Her enthusiasm for statistics makes learning the material accessible. In fact, making statistics accessible to people with a limited statistical background is one of Dr Lurie's greatest strengths."

"Janine is an excellent lecturer.  She is so experienced and knowledgeable in statistics that she is able to explain things simply - there is real skill in that.  She is engaging and does her best to make statistics interesting and is clearly an accomplished expert in her field."

"Statistics seems to come so naturally out of Janine.  She has definitely demonstrated expertise in this course.  She constantly gave helpful feedback on assessments and teaches in a way that stimulates me to think about the topic."

"Really good, knows her stuff and teaches it clearly and simply with lots of class engagement and at the speed that the class can handle.  Always checks in to see how the class is doing and adjusts her teaching accordingly."

"Janine would go through each concept slowly to ensure understanding.  Always really positive in her attitude."

"Janine was always enthusiastic and ready to teach.  She paces her lectures so that it suits students learning pace.  She doesn't simply read/teach the information at students but rather involves students.  She deserves recognition of her hard work. Thank you for an enjoyable semester."

"Janine is always so keen to teach and is willing to help whenever she can.  I struggle with math but she has made it so simple this semester."

"I absolutely hate math but she made it bearable and she has a really nice centred nature about her.  She is friendly and warm."

"It is my great pleasure to recommend Dr Lurie as both a teacher and a statistics advisor.  Through my undergraduate psychology degree I have had the benefit of Dr Lurie's teaching and advice. She clearly enjoys her role as her units were always more fun and easier to follow than the great majority. She puts a noticeable amount of effort into making her learning enjoyable and rewarding - no small achievement when teaching statistics. Her slides were always fresh and unique; a trait that I always considered meant that the presenter cared about their role."

"Completion of my doctoral thesis would have been impossible without Dr Lurie's teaching and guidance in my honours' year."

"Dr Lurie has been my teacher and statistics advisor for about two years.  I enjoyed her lectures very much.  They were well-structured, very informative and conveyed in a language and tone that made it easy to follow and understand.  Starting my degree I was very afraid of statistics but Dr Lurie's way of working with and interacting with students helped me overcome this anxiety and to embrace and enjoy statistics now.  As an advisor, Dr Lurie patiently helps through the most difficult of analyses and data sets.  In very efficient ways, Dr Lurie leads one to resolve the puzzle by oneself instead of superimposing a solution. Dr Lurie was one of the most respedted and liked teachers in our cohort.  I personally would always return to seek Dr Lurie's advice."

"Janine provides detailed constructive feedback.  She is a consistently friendly and charismatic person to work with.  She explains statistical concepts well, and understands the problems people common,y have with learning and applying statistics."

"She is honestly so knowledgeable (stats genius) and gave me literally so many lightbulb moments - which is exactly what a teacher should do."

"Extremely knowledgeable with a clear teaching style and enough comedy to get you through."

"Janine used the whiteboard a lot to draw out complicated concepts.  She was very in touch with the class and knew if people weren't truly understanding something.  Her experience in statistics is broad yet very detailed.  I think we've been very lucky to have her."

"Janine had a ridiculously good ability to simply concepts.  Knowledge would seem to land when it was taught by hre.  Very much recommend her as a stats tutor.  Could very much tell that she knew what she was talking about."

"Janine was incredible and probably one of the only ways I made it through this course.  She is knowledgeable and clear. She was understanding and patient with the class.  I also enjoyed how she tried to tie in the university colours into her outfit each day to show her pride in her job."

"Janine's in depth knowledge of the content and ability to impart her knowledge was exceptional.  She delivers content in a clear, concise manner.  She treats students with respect and acknowledges that students have a high level of intelligence and rather than trying to over simplify the content, she clarifies students' understanding and provides an appropriate level of assistnce to aid student learning."

"Janine is the best statistics tutor I have ever had.  She has so much knowledge and teaching experience in statistics that it is very easy to understand how she presents information. She is very approachable and happy to go the extra mile to ensure that I have understodd the content, even if it means going over it again after class."

"Janine was a pleasure to have as my tutor. Her bubbly demenaour, excitement and passion for statistics, in combination with her knowledge, has been the driving force of my learning in this course.  She exhibited exemplary teaching skills and ability: she was highly skilled in explaining and presenting the content material in differing ways/perspectives to try to account for all students' learning styles and personal ability (a feat that was greatly appreciated in this course by the students).  It was evident that her vast experience was quintessential to the learning journey of every student in the class.  I would have been lost without her.  Janine genuinely cared about the students and cared about how we will do, not just in this course, but also on our thesis and in our future professional careeers in the field of psychology.  I certainly know that any future student that has the chance to be taught by her will be inthe best of hands."

"Janine has a way of communicating tht is so clear, it was really refreshing.  I don't think I would have gotten through without her support."